#opensource Web Chat

To begin chatting in #opensource using our web chat type your nick name below and click Login. The script may take a few minutes to load. You may have to click Yes to allow it to be loaded by your web browser. We promise the web chat client does not load any viruses, spyware, or anything else nasty.

If you'd rather connect with your own IRC client, head to #opensource at one of the servers closest to you.

......Please read the following IMPORTANT information:
  • Once the #opensource Web Chat is fully loaded it will automatically connect you to the #opensource chatroom.
  • If you choose a nickname that someone else is using you will be assigned a random nickname. To choose another nick type /nick desirednickhere and hit enter.
  • Download Java To use the Web Chat, you must have Java installed. If you don't have it, it is available for free from Sun.

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